Wine Club Menu

The world of wine is broad and diverse presenting so much more than a grape or two, Italy alone uses over 400 grapes to make various wines.  A great way to explore this bounty is through a wine club.

Wine a Month Club – Right now we have clubs at two levels, $30 and $50.  Each month a wine is selected for a person of your choice.  This is a great gift for the wine lover in your life.  Each month, a unique and different bottle is selected for them that offers value, variation and flavor.

Bubble Club – from Cava to Cremant to Prosecco and more.  This club will offer up a delicious and unique bottle of sparkling wine each month.  Monthly average cost $30

Champagne Club – for the true bubble hound, explore and savor the artisinal grower Champagnes increasingly on the market.  As you know, we love bubbles and Champagne is a highlight.  Here we will present a bottle each month that represents the best of the best of the bubble world.  This club will mainly explore and sample wines from France’s Champagne region, but once or twice a year we may explore other wines of equal quality and deliciousness.  Monthly average cost $50

Adventures Club – this is for those who share a like minded bent towards variety and variation; whether art, Chopin etudes or food and beverages.  Follow along with what we have discovered and are drinking in the store.  This will present our most recent discoveries or old favorites from throughout the wine world – any country, any style, any color – basically any wine.  Monthly average cost $30

If your are interested in any of these clubs, please contact us by email ( or phone (336 774-3775) to set this up for the person in your life.