World Class Wines of Saumur-Champigny

by Mark Patykewich on October 5, 2018

One of the top regions for Cabernet Franc is Saumur Champigny.  This region gained renown at the estate of Clos Rougeard and the Foccault brothers.  They and others in the region craft wines that show elegance and finesse that brings to mind fine red Burgundy.  Unfortunately, the Clos Rougeard wines are now highly allocated and expensive, over $100.  Fortunately there are other producers, as a recent New York Times article highlights.

One of our favorites is Thierry Germain.  Thierry moved to the Loire from Bordeaux and where,  self admittedly, he made wines with his mind he now makes them from his heart.  I for one, greatly enjoy the shift.  They are now full of ripe fruit but the rich flavors rest on an underpinning of balance and finesse.  These are not heavily extracted and over;y rich wines, these are delicious wines to enjoy and perhaps even contemplate.
We have a range of wines from him, but really find his entry level wines, Les Roches and the Domaine bottling, are a great place to start.  Both great introductions to the style of Saumur Champigny and Thierry Germain and value priced at $28. These are bistro wines, made for enjoying with simple but flavorful food, a nice beef stew or grilled hanger steak would be perfect.
If you would like to try one of the best Cabernet Francs currently on the market, this is a bottle you should try.
Here is a link to the NYTimes article. 
Russ and Mark

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