Pre Sale – Houchart Rosé

by Russ Anderson on February 11, 2017

Houchart RoseWow, it is February and going to hit 70 degrees today. It certainly feels like Spring is just around the corner, so the timing seems right to present one of the best selling rosés in the store. Additionally, it seems appropriate to offer a “pink” wine before Valentine’s day.

This wine, the Houchart Rosé, is the best selling rosé in the store. There are two reasons for this. First, the price is excellent at $13 a bottle, even better by the case with 10% off. Second, and most important, this wine is flat out delicious, see the tasting notes below. It is expected to start arriving in March and I am taking pre-orders now to try and insure I get as much of it in the cellars of those who want it as possible.

From our in house Rosé Expert, “This rosé has fresh strawberries, bright red fruits, a definite thirst-quencher. It is the quintessential Provencal rose that satisfies all – for the uninitiated, the oenophile, the porch-sitter, the pre-party sipper. Someone’s suspicious of “pink” wine? This will convert them. It is lively, classic, pure, unadulterated, fresh, delightful, and it always disappears in one sitting. There is no question that this rose will be sold-out before summer hits. And it is not unusual to order a case for yourself, and then a case for that annual barbeque party in August. Stow it away in your basement, and pull a bottle out throughout the year without any guilt of guzzling this bottle with your friends because of its incredible price.”

The only “challenge” about this wine is getting enough! It sells out every year, so please please, if you like it, stock up a little. Again, it is $13 a bottle and $11.70 by the case. Just email me back with the quantity you would like and I will email when they start arriving in the store.

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