Let the Sun Shine In – Allocated Beaujolais

by Mark Patykewich on March 5, 2019

Foillard’s Baujolais
Allocated and Sought After

It is about time we saw some sun and it seems as rare as this allocated Beaujolais. Jean Foillard has long been one of the most respected and sought after producers of Beaujolais.

Côte du Py is one of Beaujolais’ great vineyards. Foillard is undoubtedly the master of the site. Each year, we eagerly await the release of Foillard’s Côte du Py.

Few producers render this region with equal clarity, complexity or textural beauty. Foillard’s Côte du Py captures the wild cherry, mineral, and floral-tinged quality of the vineyard in an unparalleled way. For me, his wines tip towards Pinot Noir from Burgundy with their elegance and finesse. But, don’t allow this to mislead you on their ageability.

The 2017 is a relatively ripe vintage and Foillard’s 2017 Morgon has an unusual amount of presence and depth while still being seriously gulpable. The vintage allowed Foillard to produce a layered and powerful Côte du Py with a vibrant, driving core. There’s a lovely balance between richness and energy.

Cote du Py 1.5. $88 (3 available)

Cote du Py $44. (26 bottles available)

In addition, for the first time, we have Foillard’s Beaujolais Villages.

To keep this simple, if you are looking for pure drinking enjoyment, simple gulpability in a wine that is surging with flavor but not full of tannins or too heavy in alcohol, this is the wine to get. It is another example of buying entry level wines from top producers; the price to quality ratio is almost always impossible to beat.

This is classic Beaujolais but so lively and bright with fresh fruit flavors it will put to shame Crus bottlings from lesser producers. The floral nose is full of impressions of violets and roses, ripe red cassis and hints of loganberry, finishing with an enticing and lingering note of raspberry. This is one to buy 4 to 6 bottles of, it will go quickly and you will wish you had more. $26 a bottle.

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