You say Nebbiolo, Tonight We Say Spanna

by Mark Patykewich on March 14, 2019

We got so excited about hosting this tasting and getting a preview of the wines yesterday, we are late in sending out an email.
The short version – we are hosting Francis from Vallana Wines tonight for a fantastic tasting of Nebbiolo and perhaps the best value Barbera in the store.
Now, to be clear, we won’t be tasting that many wines tonight, but we will be tasting the following:
2015 Barbera
2007 Campi Raudii
2013 Spanna
2008 Gattinara
2010 Boca
The picture more so gives a great example of not only the range but the tradition of the wines coming from the Vallana estate in Alto Piemonte.  Think the Piedmont you know (Barolo and Barbaresco) but heading in to the mountains where higher elevation brings greater finesse.  And, finesse these wines have a plenty. As well, the wines age beautifully.  We recently had a 1968 Barbera that was amazing in its aged leathery nuance and intrigue.  Tonight you get a glimpse of that with a 2007 vintage.
These wines have been described as “respectfully, unapologetically traditional: long bottle age, no perceptible wood, high on the acid, medium on the sulfur.”  Tasting them yesterday this rings true but I think Frances is bringing a little bit more traditional richness and depth of flavor to the wines.  The Barbera has long been a favorite in the store and this vintage may be unassailable as a best value. But equally enticing is experiencing the range of flavors Nebbiolo can express from this terroir and in the hands of an artisinal wine maker.  This is a tasting not to be missed, both educational and delicious, so plan on joining us at 
Hope you can join us,
Russ and Mark

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