One reason we enjoy wine so much is it often brings so much more than a beverage to the table; there are aromas and flavors and alcohol but also memories ride on the tide of aromas in a glass that bring us back to time with friends, travel in wine regions near and far and delicious meals at home and in restaurants.  All of this from a glass!

Travel was definitely one way we got into wine. Trips with a German friend introduced me to the appropriateness of a nice glass at dinner.  Often, it wasn’t expensive, just well made and local.  Today, I still enjoy travel and often go to wine regions to visit current producers we represent or to explore new areas.  Many of our customers share this sense of adventure for different wines and the different regions they come from.  In this light, I am often asked where to go, whom to see and what to taste.  After creating one or two guides, I thought it would be great to make them available through the website.  As we visit or re-visit areas, I will add to the list.


Loire Valley 


North Carolina – Asheville
Oregon – Portland and Willamette Valley