by Mark Patykewich on December 4, 2018

Kermit Lynch Wine Tasting @ Madrona Wine Merchants

Hello from The Caviste,

Now that it is December, we are focusing our store tastings on celebratory
and gift wines, so be sure to join us for one or all of these special
tastings.  This week, we will start with some fabulous selections from the
Kermit Lynch Portfolio.  As many of you know, there are some wonderful
wines in this portfolio and this week we highlight some of the best.

Next week, but on Friday *not* Thursday, we will pour an intriguing
selection of wines from Proof Distributing.  Be sure to taste the unique
interpretation of Chardonnay that comes from the Jura as well as a top
California Pinot Noir and others.  Just before Christmas, we will host Jay
Murrie and taste through some delightful Italian treats.

As the weather cools and snow appears on the horizon, I love cooking a good
braise or stew.  For these, I like the rich, earthy and layered flavors of
good Syrah.  One of the best regions in the world for Syrah, especially of
this style, is the Northern Rhone in France.  Some of the wines from Cote
Rotie and Cornas can stretch to $200 or more.  And while these are sought
after, the region of Crozes-Hermitage produces some intriguing wines at
more approachable prices.

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