Orange Wine and Duck Confit

by Russ Anderson on June 3, 2014

2014 Jun - Chiara and Duck Confit If you hear the words “orange wine,” don’t think about wine made from oranges but instead white wines made with long skin contact and some controlled oxidation to bring an orange tone to their color and an intriguing variety of flavors and aromas to your glass.  As well, they offer a great range of pairing options. A and I were lucky enough to enjoy the duck confit at Noble’s Grill. Te rich earthy flavors of the duck, combined with the toothsome carrots and the slightly earthy note ofthe forbidden rice.  All these flavors played excellently with the rich and layered flavors of the wine.  The nose had a touch of bourbon (not from oak barrels) with dried citrus skins and red spices like nutmeg and cinnamon.  The firm palate feel, almost tannic, and crisp acid did wonders in refreshing the palate from the duck, making each bite a pleasing new experiences and not a repeat of the last.

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