Broc Cellars Rosé

by Russ Anderson on March 22, 2014

Our most interesting wine this week is the Rosé pictured on the left. It is from Broc Cellars in California and is my attempt to help encourage Spring to stay. After convincing many people that most rosé is not white zinfandel, I’ve now brought one into into the store!?!?!? But, what a delicious wine it is, completely counter to the common perception of this wine. While this will add more confusion to the job of selling wines, it brings a delicious treat to your palate from one of the winemaking forces helping to re-invent the California wine market.

Like the rest of our rosés, this one is completely dry and has a nice complexity and richness. It has a wonderful dusty fruit note on the nose and fresh strawberry notes when just opened that shift to red currants and cranberry. The crisp finish is just perfect for cheese and crackers on the back porch, especially with todays gorgeous weather. It is just 11.5% alcohol, reflective of its balance and food friendly nature. Priced at $22, tell me you saw this post and I will give you a 10% discount on any bottles of it you purchase.

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