Prosciutto Wrapped Trout

by Russ Anderson on April 2, 2014

nikolaihof wachauA common theme in the store, is food and wine go together.

While pouring one of the new arrivals in the store from Austria’s Wachau, I knew exactly the dish to have with it. This Gruner Veltliner is a treat of complexity and multi-layered flavors. Ripe citrus notes, hints of candied key lime peel but a nice salinity and rich fresh herb quality making it a perfect pairing for herb stuffed, prosciutto wrapped trout. Gruner Veltliner is sometimes considered Austria’s Burgundy, this wine drinks with a complexity deserving of this comparison. A perfect pairing for the rich flavors with a trace of salinity but a nice finish is prosciutto wrapped trout, Following is this delicious pairing recipe.

This is a great dish to have with Gruner Veltliner or a German or Austrian riesling. If using lots of herbs or roasting some fennel, the Nikolaihof is especially delicious.

1 – 2 Rainbow trouts, per person size dependent.
4-6 pcs thin sliced pancetta, enough to wrap the trout.
Thyme sprigs
Lemon Slices
Minced Garlic
Fresh spinach
1/4 C pine nuts, lightly toasted.
1/4 C white raisins
Virgin Olive oil
Fresh ground black pepper

Wash and dry trout, lengthen the cavity if you would like.
Working from head to tail;
Stuff trout with layered lemon slices, fresh herbs, and minced garlic.
Wrap trout in prosciutto, tie with kitchen twine to hold.
Over medium heat, heat a little olive oil in an oven proof pan.
Briefly fry the wrapped trout in the pan, crisp the prosciutto but lightly cook the trout.
After two minutes on each side, place pan and trout in the oven for 10 minutes.

While the trout finish in the oven, prepare spinach.
In a large pan with high sides, saute sliced garlic in olive oil over medium heat.
Add some thin sliced onions to wilt.
Lower heat to medium low, place spinach in the pan and toss to coat.
Add juice of half a lemon to pan and toss spinach.
Remove from heat, as the spinach will cook quickly, toss again.

Place trout down the middle of a plate.
Spoon sauteed spinach below the trout.
Place you favorite starch (see below) along the top.

Sides – any of the following.
Boiled new potatoes with sage butter.
Mashed Potatoes

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