World Class Pinot Noir

April 26, 2017

Many of you will recognize this label as it is one of the most popular red Burgundies (Pinot Noirs) in the store. If you don’t recognize this wine, you will have the chance to taste it tomorrow. This wine is rare for two reasons, first this type of value is truly hard to find in […]

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Cheverny: Great Values from France​

April 5, 2017

​Cheverny is one of France’s newer AOC regions, being established in 1993. Before then, it was known in wine circles as a source of tremendous value where the wines are similar in style to Sancerre but much cheaper. This value proposition continues as you can see in today’s offer. Wines from the region are based […]

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Best Value Wines

March 30, 2017

We are always looking for the best value wines for your money, this weeks offering certainly have some; one of the store’s top sparkling wines, a delicious new vintage of a top Provencal rosé and a unique Pinot Noir. ​A wine that originates in the 13th Century, how can that be? Well not the wine, […]

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Old favorites return to the store

March 23, 2017

One fact of working with so many small, family owned producers like we do is that there can be interruptions in the availability of some of their wines. But we prefer the fact these producers craft wines that reflect the individuality of each vintage as well as their specific region. And even though it is […]

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Messmer Muschelkalk Riesling

March 15, 2017

So many people incorrectly shy away from Riesling wines.  This is one of the great grapes in the wine world and presents a range of wines from bone dry to sweet.  In fact, did you know it can also make a great sparkling wine?  We have one of the broadest selections of these wines in […]

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March 7, 2017

The dictionary tells us the word “standard” is “an idea or thing used as a measure, norm, or model in comparative evaluations.” In the world of wine, standards still exist but are sometimes obscured by the influence of marketing. Standards in the wine world, perhaps the world at large, remind me of the archery target […]

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First Rosé of 2016!!

February 15, 2017

Yes, I have had the Beaujolais nouveau rosé for 2016 in the store, but this is the first regular bottling to hit the shelves and a very popular bottling as well. You all know how much we love rosés in the store, they just suit the North Carolina climate so well. What better to drink […]

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Pre Sale – Houchart Rosé

February 11, 2017

Wow, it is February and going to hit 70 degrees today. It certainly feels like Spring is just around the corner, so the timing seems right to present one of the best selling rosés in the store. Additionally, it seems appropriate to offer a “pink” wine before Valentine’s day. This wine, the Houchart Rosé, is […]

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Inventory Clean Up Sale

January 9, 2017

Well inventory is done and now the snow is coming… Each year, I have an inventory sale in January. It helps clean up some of the single bottles lingering in the store. These are in no way “bad” wines, they have just been hanging out and overlooked by yours truly. After inventory, it is a […]

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December 13, 2016

Yes, we are now selling beans. These are delicious beans that can help re-frame your understanding and appreciation of how good beans can be. I know you are reading this in wonderment but these are already popular in the store and our second order. We’ve enjoyed them at home and more and more customers are. […]

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