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by Mark Patykewich on June 28, 2018

Hi Everyone!

After last week’s introduction and while Russ is away, I wanted to take the chance to introduce myself further by sharing some of my favorite wines in the store. One of my favorite aspects of being at The Caviste is the unique and delicious wines I am able to offer the Winston Salem public. I like you, have discovered many delicious bottles here. One aspect of wine Russ and I share is its communal nature. So, I’d like to share three wines that resonate with me and helped broaden my perspective of the wine world. I will be pouring them in the Shop on Friday and Saturday.


Matthiasson 2017 Rose
Matthiason wines hold a special place to me after a wonderful visit to their estate last year. I was fortunate enough to share an afternoon tasting with Jill Matthiason. It was a relaxed and casual afternoon where I was able to not just hear but see the passion that she and her husband Steve share for producing balanced and elegant wines n California. The rosé is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Counoise. Between its beautiful citrusy aromas and clean acidity on the palate, this wine is a perfect summer porch sipper. This wine knocks my socks off! Price per bottle $27.

Theirry Germain Les Roches 2016
Thierry Germain has become known as one of the most focused producers of biodynamic Cabernet Franc in the Loire Valley. His once extracted and oak dominated style has know shifted to wines of elegant depth and a velvety richness. They are cashmere like on the palate and rich with dried fruit notes and the slightest hint of rain fresh forest floors. These wins from Saumur-Champigny rank among some of the most soft after reds from the Loire Valley and demonstrate the elegance and finesse biodynamic practices can produce. These entry level bottlings, $28 a bottle, are great for all things lamb.

Tami Frappato 2016
A few years ago, when I was new to the wine industry, Sicilian wines grabbed my attention, and one wine maker in particular quickly became a favorite; Arianna Occhipinti. Her wines opened my eyes to the spectacular potential of Sicilian wine. wines coming from Sicily. While Arianna makes wonderful wines from her own vineyards, the TAMI is a collaborative project she has taken on with a number of her neighbors. In making these wines, they sought to “prove that it is possible too make good, simple, natural wine in Sicily” at an approachable price point. This wine is 100% Frappato, an indigenous Sicilian varietal, which makes for a lively, bright and refreshing red wine. Price per bottle $18.

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