Two Benchmarks from France

by Russ Anderson on May 5, 2016

regis bouvierSo, one of the best ways to enjoy the awesomely authentic wines of Kermit Lynch is to get them as fresh from the source as possible. I just heard from the distributor the new vintage of this store favorite has arrived. While I will be bringing some of these into the store, I wanted to give everyone a chance to get them while they are “fresh” to the warehouse. They include one of the best selling Pinot Noirs in the store, an iconic Rosé,

The vineyard for this wine is named “En Montre Cul,” which loosely translates as “showing one’s rear.” This name reflects the steepness of the vineyard slopes the workers face while handpicking the grapes at harvest. And while the label may be a little playful the wine certainly is not.

We poured this wine at last years Kermit Lynch wine dinner and quickly sold out of ours and the distributors remaining stock. This is a great bottle of wine at the price and quality. This is a great introductory wine for the Burgundy curious. It has the enticing finesse of Burgundy

It is full of red currants and black raspberry right now but has enough structure to age well for several years and probably starts drinking very well in the fall. So, buy enough to enjoy this summer and a few to save for the fall. This is a great value at $26.

tavelRosé wines are taking off with a seemingly ever increasing demand. And why not? They are deliciously well suited to the North Carolina climate. Few rosés are more iconic than those from Tavel. This is the only AOC in France that is based solely on rosé. This means that rose is the singular focus of the producers here and it shows when you taste the wines.

Trinquevedel was bought by the current family in the same year the Tavel AOC was founded, 1936. Since then, they have re-furbished the worn down Chateau and established their domaine as one of the leading ones in this unique region. The wine is comprised of Grenache (around 45%), Cinsault, Clairette, Mourvedre and Syrah. The estates focus is on maintaining the balance of fruit and flavor in a region capable of super ripe fruit, they are just 10 minutes from Chateauneuf du Pape. The balance they are capable of attaining shows in the rich flavors and balanced power these wines present.

They are full of red fruit notes like red currents and black cherries but with notes of Provencal garigue and some dried orange peels for a faint hint of citrus. It is a great wine for roast summer vegetables, especially fresh from the grill with a little rosemary infused olive oil, some fresh cheese on crusty bread and even a roast chicken with some nice citrus salt. Certainly also, anything with aioli.

This wine just arrived and should be tried by everyone who is exploring rose (it is a benchmark) but also by those looking for a slightly heavier wine in the rose. How many times can you get a benchmark wine for $18.

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