Thanksgiving Wine Selections

by Mark Patykewich on November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Wine Selections 
At Thanksgiving, we have so many different foods and food preparations on the table, it can be hard to find a single wine to choose.  In situations like this, Beaujolais really shines.  In fact, few wines work better than Beaujolais. For whites, consider this wonderful Sauvignon Blanc from the French region of Sancerre.
Domaine Hippolyte Reverdy
Hippolyte Reverdy Sancerre
Sancerre is to many the spiritual home for Sauvignon Blanc.  One of the best we see in the store is from Hippolyte Reverdy. His wines combine a richness and a grace that make them stunning partners at the dinner table and a great way to start a family gathering at the Thanksgiving table.  There is a richness of candied grapefruit rind combined with a lift and balance of minerality like fresh water from a limestone spring.  They are deep without being cloying and are delightful either on their own or with some goat cheese or fresh salad. Just over two cases of this delicious wine remain.  $28 a bottle.
Image result for beaujolais nouveau jean paul brun 2018
Note – It is the 2018 vintage
Beaujolais Nouveau is here.  Come find out just how delicious this wine can be. Jean-Paul Brun is a well respected producer in the region and his “L’Ancien” bottling is a consistent store favorite.  Each year, we await increasing quantities of his nouveau as more and more people discover how delicious and fun this wine is.
Brun wants to make “old-style” Beaujolais and his vinification differs from the prevailing practices in the region. He believes that the charm of Gamay’s fruit is best expressed by the grapes’ indigenous yeasts, rather than by adding industrial yeast. Virtually all Beaujolais is now made by adding a particular yeast during fermentation, the reason many have the common aromatics of banana and candy aromas.  Bruno definitively doesn’t do this.  His wines are made to be lively and enjoyable prompting all sorts of lively conversation, just perfect for the Thanksgiving table.  Bright cherries, hints of crushed granite and a lively inviting drinkability. Several more bottles were sold today, but stocks remain – $17 a bottle.
Marcel Lapierre – Morgon 2017
Speaking of Beaujolais, one of my favorite Crus is Morgon.  These wines possess a richness that combines well with the normally medium bodied structure of the Gamay grape.  Few people are more respected for their Morgon than the wines of Marcel Lapierre. 
What more can we say about the lovely, impossibly drinkable bottles that have been coming out of the Lapierre cellars for several decades? We’ve happily consumed more bottles from Lapierre over the years than just about any other producer in the region, and it would be nearly impossible to think of a setting in which we wouldn’t want to drink these wines. This wine, from 100 year old vines, is impossibly graceful and pure without ever being light on flavor, vintage after vintage. Mathieu and his sister, Camille, have furthered the great work of their immensely influential father and have continued to elevate the status of the domaine worldwide. For pairings, almost any food will work from brisket, Turkey, left overs and movie night too! $36 a bottle.
As Kermit Lynch himself noted; Nobody’s wines taste like Marcel Lapierre’s. He is the source of a whole new school of winemaking, turning the hands of time back to wine the way Mother Nature envisioned it. Tasting it can change the way you taste wine.” 

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