Messmer Muschelkalk Riesling

by Russ Anderson on March 15, 2017

1cSo many people incorrectly shy away from Riesling wines.  This is one of the great grapes in the wine world and presents a range of wines from bone dry to sweet.  In fact, did you know it can also make a great sparkling wine?  We have one of the broadest selections of these wines in the state offering something for everyone to try.  Recently, my wife sent me the following tasting note on this wine, as I can’t say it any better I am including it here.

Beware – drinking this reisling could lead to addictive tendencies. Fresh apple and nectarine peel, minerally and stone fruitiness, coming from the Pfalz region in Germany, a practicing biodynamic winemaker who grows honest reisling grapes and gently handles them to allow clear expression of their flavors. Muschelkalk means “fossil-bearing limestone,” and this is perfect in the middle of the day, with your favorite sandwich or cheese board. It is a versatile riesling, to satisfy a thirsty sunny porch drinker but also a hungry spicy-Asian food eater. You can enjoy drinking this for the next ten years, or more.

This wine drinks very clean and is not noticeably sweet on the palate so it presents a great entry point to explore from, $21 a bottle.

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