Hippolyte Reverdy Sancerre (Sauvignon Blanc)

by Russ Anderson on July 10, 2017

1Sancerre is one of the best known wines of France mainly because it is the ubiquitous white wine of the Parisian bistro. This is for good reason. First, the region is close to Paris and secondly the wines are deliciously refreshing in the summer time. Bright, crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc grown in the limestone soil of Sancerre is a perfect fit for hot summer days and the fresh seafood and garden salads of summer.

The wines of Hippolyte Reverdy offer such a classic representation of both the region and the grape, they are often used for wine education and sommelier exams. In the store, it is frequently used by customers for delicious drinking.

Hints of ocean spray saline and crushed seashell notes meld with ripe citrus and hints of citrus blossom on the nose. The palate is brimming with lime, hints of tree fresh red grapefruit, wildflowers and a refreshing minerality. But, the wine also has a rich and broad texture with a softer mid-palate adding to its great drinkability. For many, it will be a surprise how much this already delicious wine can age. So, open it in advance, decant it and even drink it throughout the week to see the wine develop, grow and expand in flavor and nuance.

Already, I am thinking of goat cheese salads and lightly prepared seafood on casual evenings at home. At $26 a bottle, it is a classic you can easily add to the cellar.

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