Gardoni Corsican Wines for Summer Wine Pairing

by Russ Anderson on June 3, 2014

Gardoni Corsican WinesA wine cellar to me is like a bag of golf clubs, a different club/wine for different purposes. I could no more putt with a driver than I would drink the same style of wine all the time.

When the thermometer starts to rise indicating warmer temperatures, I start to drink more white wine and lighter reds. And as usual, I always enjoy trying something different, especially when it is delicious too. This range of wines is a delicious selection that entices with its variation and charms with is range of tasty flavors. From a crisp and refreshing white, a perfect stand in for Sauvignon Blanc, to a lighter red, I’d almost call it a dark rosé that wants a little salumi, cheese and toasted almonds, to a richer red for the main dish of paella with chorizo and sausage. If I had to (meaning fight every temptation to variation that I inherently have) I could just about get through the summer with these three wines.

corsica mapOne of the “newly discovered” regions in the wine world, at least a hot one right now, is Corsica. So combine an old but newly discovered region with an old importer, Kermit Lynch, and you are sure to run across some interesting wines.

Did you say, beach, seafood, fresh mountain vegetables or sitting under a tree this summer when the grass is cut and the temperatures are too warm to do anything else but relax.
Gardoni Corsican Wines

Gardoni Bianco di Custoza – $16
From Corsica, tried their wines yet? Grapes include Gargenega, Trebiano, Trebbianello, Cortese and 10% Other. Have you had all of them?

Bright, zesty and refreshingly gulpable. I’m thinking about anything from the sea, especially some oysters or frito misto. But, as well a wonderful shaved fennel salad.

Gardoni Bardolino Fontane – $16
From the same island but made from Corvina, Rondinella and Other grapes.

This wine has a wonderful bright sour cherry note to it with a slight almond note on the finish. It screams for a salad with a fruit vinaigrette and a slice of crusty Italian bread. Or, a some fish stew with a bright fresh tomato base to it and a dollop of pesto on top.

Gardoni Bardolino Pradica – $20
From Corvina, Rondinella and sangiovese grapes.

Amazing what the touch of sangiovese does to bring out the bright cherry aromas while deepening the palate. This will make a perfect wine for pizza night or a bowl of bucatini pasta with a fresh pasta sauce to it, grilled calamari on top would be optional.

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