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by Russ Anderson on October 30, 2017

c1Casaccia Spumante
This is a gorgeous wine year in and year out. It offers so much artisanal quality it is hard to believe it is so inexpensive. I am thrilled to have it back on the shelf. Casaccia Spumante is 100% Chardonnay. This is a Blanc de Blanc from Italy’s Piedmont region. The wine is raised in the same fashion as Champagne; hand riddling and all. The labor intensive process keeps the yearly production low, but insures the high level of quality. I may not know a better value sparkling.

This years version is a blanc de blanc for those who enjoy a bright and uniquely enticing floral note in the nose. It reminds me of fruit tree blossoms, perhaps pear and tangerine intermingling. The palate is rich and broad before the vibrant bubbles kick in. Dried lemon, hints of kafir lime, some marzipan paste and a refreshing minerality all dance around on the palate. As to pairings, I’m not sure where you couldn’t use this wine. Makes a very fine mid-week champagne for sure. $26

c2Bellus Falanghina
Again we dive into the trove of Italian grape varieties with this delicious Falanghina from Campania. Falanghina is gaining in popularity in the state for its versatile nature. It has a wonderful weight, reminiscent of chardonnay, but the flavors offer a touch of the exotic. The wine has great balance and offers plenty of pleasure sipping on its own, but is fine with a selection of cheeses or a light midweek meal. It pairs favorably with most fish, suiting everything from crudo to a grilled tuna steak. A unique treat at $19 a bottle.
Borgo Moncalvo Barbera Supiore

We advocate holding wines back and watching them develop over time. It is particularly appealing when the winery does this for you. Borgo Moncalvo is a family estate on a gorgeous and remote property in Italy’s Piedmont. Tucked away in a valley, they are surrounded by vines running up and down the hillsides and they are producing some fantastic wines. Each year, the quality of their wines improves and the value remains outstanding.

c3Borgo Moncalvo Barbera Superiore
This wine is made 100% from Barbera and the aromas just leap from the glass. I can almost fully enjoy the wine without drinking it, just appreciating the rich aromas in the glass. But, the flavors are equally attractive. Inky, dark, and bold in a seductive Italian sort of way, so there is elegance to the richness. Flavors or black raspberries intermingle with black cherries and black berries. A very delicious and gorgeous wine with 4 years of age, it is from the 2013 vintage! I would recommend buying this by the half case or more. You will enjoy every bottle you drink during the coming months. At $16 a bottle, it certainly over delivers.



c4Riofavara “Spaccaforno” Nero d’Avola
With all of the grapes available in Italy, you have to leave Piemonte sooner or later. Another favorite region is Sicily where this delicious bottle comes from.

The Padova family has tended vines here for almost a century, but only in 1993 did they begin bottling their own wine. They are are in south east Sicily, near the town of Avola, from which this grape gets its name – Nero d’Avola.

The nose is slightly subdued at this time but ripening nicely. Red fruits, dried cherries, hints of black raspberry intermingle enticingly. The palate is rich and bold with a velvety texture and enough weight to go with a nicely rustic Italian meal; grilled veggies, stewed beans with fennel and sun dried tomatoes, pork or fish in a tomato sauce; yum! $20.

Mix and match any 4 of these wines and get a 5% discount.

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