Bubbles for the Holidays

by Russ Anderson on December 28, 2017

We truly believe bubble should be drunk more often throughout the year, who doesn’t enjoy the lively and fun sound of corks popping and sipping of crisp lively wines, but we fully embrace the fact that they become a more central focus this time of the year.

Did you know there’s a whole world of bubbles other than Champagne? Here are a few ideas we offer for your larger gatherings and events.

1Alla Costiera Prosecco
Delicious, dry, and true — it’s the real thing. This classic prosecco – 100% Glera, made by a dedicated, practicing organic, biodynamic farmer named Filippo Gamba — is probably one of those valuable treasures that we wish everybody knew about, but there is limited supply because the quality, purity, and spirit of these wines can only come from hands and feet of individuals and not machines. A true treat of a bubbly to serve to anyone at anytime. Offering great value and wonderful flavors, this wine is becoming a standard for Prosecco for many people! Alla Costiera Prosecco – $16


2Bohigas Cava
How about another kind of sparkly? In Spain, Cava is the appellation in the region of Catalunya, with this blend of xarello, macabeo, and parellada. Notes of apple and pear with some aromas that remind you of the traditional Champagne yeast, crisp, elegant, and deeply drinkable. The family winemakers are practicing organic. This wine is a little richer with a broader yeast note but still an incredibly festive value sparkly. Bohigas Cava $15


3Casaccia Metodo Classico
This wine is so good, it is often hard for people to believe this is not Champagne. Produced in Italy’s Piedmont from 100% Chardonnay and hand riddled in the families cellars. This vintage has delicious notes of jasmine and white tea on the nose along with a bright and vibrant palate. This is a delicious and elegant wine for any occasion. La Casaccia – $27



4Borgo Moncalvo Rose
And now, something for the Rosé sparkly connoisseur — pinot noir, matured on the yeast for 20 months, made with only natural grape sugars of the fruit, including the second fermentation. Lively bubbles offer up rich notes of red fruit and hints o This is a deep, rich, sparkly rose from the Piedmont region that can pair well with meal. Or cold weather. Or with friends. Or, really, anytime. Borgo Moncalvo Spumante – $27

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