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by Russ Anderson on March 30, 2017

We are always looking for the best value wines for your money, this weeks offering certainly have some; one of the store’s top sparkling wines, a delicious new vintage of a top Provencal rosé and a unique Pinot Noir.

1aa​A wine that originates in the 13th Century, how can that be? Well not the wine, but the estate, Bohigas and the wine is another of the popular sparkling wines in the store – the Bohigas Cava

If you like Champagne this is a wine you have to try. (For many of my champagne fans, this is a steady stand in.). Cava while made from different grapes than Champagne, in this instance Xarello, Macabeo and Parellada, is made in the same method as Champagne. In fact, this wine rests on the lees for 24 months before being disgorged.

This time in the bottle gives the wine the rich flavors of Champagne with the touch of brioche and toasted nuts, refreshing, zesty and dry. This is a great apperitif, a fun bottle to have with fried Chicken, perfect for large get together and cheap enough for any of your favorite Champagne cocktails.

The best part, is the distributor has a little extra inventory and I have been asked to help move it. So, here is one of the best deals on a sparkling wine the store has yet to offer.
2-6 bottles – $14/bottle
6- 11 bottles – $13/bottle
12+ bottles – $12/bottes

1aaaAnother favorite rosé has returned to the shelves, the Commander de Peyrassol. I have to admit that we couldn’t wait to open this wine and “had” to pop a bottle this weekend. Again, this wine promises to be a perfect pairing for warm weather drinking. Rich aromas on the nose (hints of orange blossom dances with hints of cut white peach and crushed red berries) lead to a broad palate that finishes clean and crisp.

Admittedly, it is a touch darker in color this year, but don’t let that worry you as the wine is bright and clean and definitely carries the notes of it neighbor, Bandol. The wine calls out for fresh grilled seafood or vegetables, be sure to include a little herbed olive oil on them. But, this wine needs nothing but a pleasant evening and good friends! $23/bottle.

1aaaa​In learning about wine, it is not only educational but fun (and should be delicious) to try wines from the same grape that come from various regions.​ In Germany, Pinot Noir is known as “Spatburgunder.” This bottling from Falkenstein has returned to the distributor and our shelves and we are glad to have it back.

​This is not a heavy, oaky Pinot Noir that is disguising itself as a Cabernet. This is a bright, vibrant wine full of dark cherries, pomegranate and a touch of the savoriness often associated with Pinot Noir. The wine does not go through malolactic, so has a vibrancy that makes it perfect for warm weather drinking and pairing with the transitional dishes of Spring and Fall.

Note – this wine has proven a success for several customer who get headaches from red wine!! The producer says it is because the wine does not go through malolactic. No promises, but something more to note.​ $20

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