A Perennial Favorite, Great quality once again.

by Russ Anderson on March 27, 2016

HouchartThis is one of the most popular wines in the store each year.  At $13 a bottle (pre-discount) it is a real value and sells out each year.  The distributor sold a quarter of their inventory in two days.  If you would like some, just email me how many and they will be in next week.  (There are a few bottles in the store already though they are moving quickly.)

For Repeat Consumers:
If you are a regular enjoyer of this wine, let me assure you the 2015 vintage is a delicious bottle of wine and worth stocking up on for the summer.  I believe this wine has the richness and depth of the 2013 vintage, gulpably pleasant.  Feel comfortable ordering as much as you did last year, or more.

For those new to the wine:
Upon first opening, the wine boast notes of banana and melon while a little air brings out aromas of bright peach and bing cherries with hints of eucalyptus and a licorice, these further evolve into a rich compote of watermelon and peach flavors.  It is a beautiful salmon pink in the glass and the palate has a nice broad creamy mouth fell to the wine before just an ever so slight dusty tannin finish.  This is a wine where two bottles will be gone before you know it and at this price you won’t be sorry.  Even now, it has me thinking of deck chairs and sunsets.

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