Looking to Fall — BEAUJOLAIS En Primeur (aka Nouveau)

by Russ Anderson on September 28, 2016

beaujolais-nouveauMany discovered this wine last year and continued to ask for it well after it was gone. Like several of the wines in the store, this is not the wine many people expect. It is a bottle of fun and enjoyment, not overly serious but seriously tasty, and like so many things in the store, not what everyone at first expects.

For years, the consumer’s concept of Beaujolais was dominated by the nouveau craze. This became more about a brand than a wine and the wines slowly tipped to more and more manufactured in style. There is still a lot of mass produced Beaujolais Nouveau on the market, but that is not what we sell at The Caviste.

We sell a low intervention, traditionally-made “nouveau” or “en primeur” bottling that packs a whole lot of fun. Imagine tending the grill on a cool fall evening as friends come over. It is perfect for easy weekend get togethers and pairs nicely with left over turkey sandwiches in November. On top of that it is bargain priced at $16.

This is a pre-sale, with the wines arriving in early November. If you buy at least 3 bottles, I will discount them 10%, if you buy a case or more, I will discount them 15%. So, stock up a little for a fun drinking wine that helps reset one’s understanding of this style of wine. (Trust me, you are going to want a few bottles of this around the house.)

Dupeuble Blanc​ ​

by Russ Anderson on August 5, 2016

Dupeuble Blanc​When is white Burgundy less than $25? When it comes from Beaujolais.​

​This is a true “under the radar” wine and one ​I put in last weeks email. Sampling it in the store this weekend, it was so well received I wanted to make sure to include it again.

Many people in the store know Beaujolais to be more than the “nouveau” variety. A smaller group knows just how much value and drinking enjoyment can be found in the whites from this region. They are 100% Chardonnay, just like the more famous northern neighbor Burgundy. But, they are a fraction of the price. Dupeuble is one of the most respected producers in Beaujolais and is a consistent source for value reds and whites.

These wines are perfect to have around the house for large summer get togethers where delicious wine is desired but high prices are not. At $17 a bottle, this is a wine to buy by the case. With the case discount, there are few if any better Chardonnays on the market. Buy a case to insure you have this impressive wine value on hand for your next get together.

Commanderie de Peyrassol

August 5, 2016

Another store favorite is about to be sold out! The Commanderie de Peyrassol is a delicious bottle of Provencal rose that brings together all of the natural beauty and charm of the French Riviera in a single bottle. This wine’s popularity increases each year due to it fair price and tremendous flavor. I have just […]

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Sparkling Wine Flash Sale

May 7, 2016

​A gorgeous day deserves a gorgeous sale! To help facility the many Mom’s being celebrated tomorrow, I am offering Winston’s largest and most varied selection of sparkling wines on sale. With everything from Italian Prosecco to Spanish Cava to French Cremants and of course the largest selection of grower Champagnes in the city, there is […]

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Occhipinti is Coming Back: Pre-Orders Being Taken, Limited Supply

May 6, 2016

​Some wines are so popular, the surest way to insure you have some is to pre-order because they sell out every year. That is the case with the wines of Arianna Occhipinti. She was often referred to as one of the Italian wine worlds best worst-kept​ secrets. There is no longer any secret how delicious […]

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A great “trattoria” wine…

May 5, 2016

What do I mean by this? This wine is a perfect pairing for pizza or any pasta made with garden fresh tomatoes. Think of the many foods you might have in the local restaurant in Italy and this wine is a good candidate. We had it last night with some fusilli in a simple tomato […]

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Two Benchmarks from France

May 5, 2016

So, one of the best ways to enjoy the awesomely authentic wines of Kermit Lynch is to get them as fresh from the source as possible. I just heard from the distributor the new vintage of this store favorite has arrived. While I will be bringing some of these into the store, I wanted to […]

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Arterberry Maresh

April 6, 2016

Oregon is one of the world’s great regions for Pinot Noir. The hard part is finding value priced bottlings of quality pinot noir. Pinot Noir is meant to be a wine of nuance and finesse and therefore different than Cabernet Sauvignon or a Bordeaux blend, more comfortable jeans than power suit. This bottle from Arterberry […]

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Provence in a Bottle: Commanderie de Peyrassol

April 6, 2016

Make some bouillabaisse, grill some crusty country bread, smear with aioli, top with tomatoes and pop a bottle of this delicious wine. Another fan favorite at the store and somewhat like the Houchart’s “big brother,” much more complex and greater length of flavor. The Commanderie de Peyrassol rosé is made from a blend of Cinsault, […]

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A Perennial Favorite, Great quality once again.

March 27, 2016

This is one of the most popular wines in the store each year.  At $13 a bottle (pre-discount) it is a real value and sells out each year.  The distributor sold a quarter of their inventory in two days.  If you would like some, just email me how many and they will be in next […]

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