by Russ Anderson on March 22, 2018

Many people mistakenly think rosés are a new phenomenon, but they have long been popular in Europe, especially in the south of France. Rosé, rosato, rosado, etc has been drunk for years, usually a dry wine that gives some feel for the vintage and provides a wonderful bridge for what I call the “in between.” Either in between seasons where it is not too cold nor too hot or meals that are in between, not a full on red meat but neither just a light salad. Rosés have a great affinity for this as they combine the crispness of a white wine with a touch of red fruit and tannin of a red. There is a range from light to heavy with the heavier ones being well suited to the recent weather we have been having. A truly classic rosé is this one from the region of Tavel in France.

1 cavisteTrinquevedel Tavel 2017
Tavel was established as an AOC (wine region) in France in 1936. It is the only AOC that if you see the name, Tavel, can only be a rosé wine. Guillaume Demoulin is the fourth generation making wine at this estate which his ancestor purchased in 1936 at the birth of the new AOC. The wine is comprised of 45% Grenache, 24% Cinsault, 15% Clairette, 10% Mourvèdre, 6% Syrah from vines that are almost 40 years old now. The Grenache adds nice depth of red fruit to this wine, lots of ripe and dried strawberry notes on the palate. this wine is perfect for white beans and a grilled salmon fillet, wonderful with Provencal mussels and even on its own. Perfectly suited to ushering in the warmer weather on the way. $19

White Burgundy = Chardonnay

by Russ Anderson on March 16, 2018

Most people don’t know white Burgundy is predominantly made from Chardonnay.Still some of the most striking whites made today they satisfy those looking for less oak influence on their white wines. I thought it would be fun to explore these wines by also exploring the regions of Burgundy.

Today we will start with the southern part which include the Macon and Beaujolais. Beaujolais is included “administratively” but is “technically” different. (This technical difference mainly applies to the reds where Beaujolais uses Gamay instead of Burgundy’s favored grape Pinot Noir.) Why start here in the southern tip of Burgundy? First is value, here you can find great white wines whose prices do not push the upper levels. Second, good Macon can show the true typicity of great Burgundy.

So, if you like Chardonnay and are interested in the range a single region like Burgundy can present join us as we explore these delicious and elegantly rich wines, easy to sip on their own as well as pair with food.
In this issue:

1Jean-Paul Brun Beaujolais Blanc
On the map above, the purple region at the bottom is Beaujolais; centered around Villefranche. If you enjoy bistro style food (salads, soups, roast chicken and hanger steak) you should definitely be exploring both red and white wines from this region.

This Beaujolais Blanc is 100% Chardonnay and made with the exacting care and attention a top wine maker like Jean Paul gives to all his wines. The slightly warmer climate brings on slightly more body and weight, great with grilled shrimp and cow milk cheeses, this wine needs nothing more than a glass to be enjoyed. Drink close to room temperature to fully appreciate the body and texture the wine offers. Jean-Paul Brun Beaujolais Blanc – $18

2Perrusset – Macon-Villages
Macon, at the southern tip of Burgundy is a region where value Burgundy can be found but the searcher can’t buy blindly. You need to know the producer, the importer or the store the wine is coming from. With this bottle, you are sure that all three are offering great value!

100% Chardonnay (as all these wines are) Perrusset’s Macon-Villages has a delicious structure of white peach, hints of bosch pear with the slight musky smell of fresh pear skin. Intermingled citrus notes as well with the slightest notes of minerality. It is an easy drinking delight and a great value at $19. Another wine to stock up on for the summer.

3Roally – Vire Clesse 2015
Slightly further north in the Macon are the two towns of Vire and Clesse, combined they provide the name for the region this wine comes from.

This wine has a rich, lush, intensely of fruit with marvelous weight and length. This is a stunning example of how rich and satisfying an organic Chardonnay can be, nothing ‘weird’ here, just delicious flavors. This is certainly a “gateway” to Burgundy for anyone who has only been enjoying California Chardonnay. To me, I enjoy the fact that so much richness and depth of flavor comes from an organic wine. This wine really starts to show why white Burgundy is so loved and sought after, Roally Vire-Clesse – $28.

4Matthiason – Rosé 2017
And, lastly a curve – a rosé and a wine from California!

Effectively, springtime in a bottle. This wine is from one of California’s top growers, working for Araujo Estate, Chappellet, Duckhorn, Spottswoode, and Stags’ Leap. On the ‘side’, Steve Matthiason makes a range of wines we truly enjoy. He has been recognized as winemaker of the year and readily acknowledged as one of the top growers in California. Balanced and delicious wines full of the rich California sunshine.

This wine, made from Grenache, Syrah, Mouvèdre, and Counoise, is perfect for the fresh and lively dishes of spring from goat cheese, to salads and a whole array of vegetables. An simply elegant meal is whole wheat avocado toast. The richness of the avocado equally matched with the rich depth of flavor of this wine. This wine is equal but different to a fine Bandol Rosé Matthiason Rosé $27

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